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We are Dahlia Law Group LLP – Lawyers.  Grown a little differently.

We’re glad you’re here. We are a two woman-owned and run practice in Oakland, California. We practice exclusively in Legacy & Estate Planning, Business, and Litigation.


We are good friends and colleagues who started this practice in 2015 for two reasons:


1.Our communities -which we define by geography, interests, gender, culture, race, need, and commitment –require and deserve straightforward, plain-spoken, accessible lawyers to show up for them.


2.We are those lawyers.  


We operate on a few guiding principles:


1.You are the expert on your life, desires, and goals. Our job is not to tell you who you are or what you want. It is to help you achieve it and protect it.

2.Everyone has something worth protecting.  And, everyone has a legacy worth preserving.


3.“Preparation is currency.” We do not wing it. The words “I don’t know” are not an admission of weakness or incompetence to us.  Rather, they are a call for quality and an invitation to solve a mystery. We accept challenges daily.


4.We have a **strict** no jerks policy.


5.Dragging someone to court and fighting them tooth and nail is the last thing our list, because it is rarely the most cost-effective or control-freak satisfying option.  But, it is on the list. 

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