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FIRST STEP – We need to know each other...

We need to know each other. In order to do that, we schedule a consultation to learn about the issue you are facing and the solutions you are trying to create. Once we schedule the consultation, you will receive our consultation agreement to review and sign. (We are big on consent and agreement around here, so you will hear those words a lot). We sign the consultation agreement and collect the consultation fee before we meet, so that during our consultation, we can focus only on you.
The consultation fee is $300 per hour. If that is not accessible to you, then please let us know ahead of time, so that –together –we can figure something out. During your consultation, we will probe for specifics about the issues and we will ask you what success looks like to you regarding the issue. We will review documents with you if you have them. We will outline options or recommended next steps for you. We can consult in-person, by phone, or by video conference. We usually find that video conferencing offers the most scheduling flexibility, while still allowing us to meet face-to-face.

SECOND STEP – After the consultation...

After the consultation, we decide if we want to work together. You decide if you want us to represent you. And, we decide if we can or should represent you.
If we will not be representing you, there is nothing more to do.

THIRD STEP – If we represent you...

If we will represent you, then we prepare a Work & Fee Agreement that sets out the work that we will be doing together, the fee that we will collect for that work, and the parameters of our relationship.
We will also collect a fee deposit that we will bill against.

FOURTH STEP – Once we have signed Work & Fee Agreements...

Once we have a signed Work & Fee Agreement and have collected the fee deposit, we begin work. We will execute the plan we agreed on, while keeping youinformed throughout. If there are any changes to the plan, we will discuss them and agree to them before taking action. And, if there are any changes to our scope of work, we will update the Work & Fee Agreement to reflect those changes.