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Hello, it’s my pleasure to meet you here. I’m Allysia. When we started this firm it was important to me that it be about working with real people in real ways about the real situations they face in their own individual lives.  What does working in real ways mean?  It means saying things plainly in a way that someone who hasn’t been to law school can understand it. It also means explaining the process and always checking for questions and understanding. No question is too basic and no question should be left unanswered. It means being candid about both sides of things-the good and the bad, so that you can be an informed decision maker about what should happen next. That’s been my commitment to how I practice everyday.


My commitment to working with real people in real ways started even before I was a lawyer.  I started my career as a health educator working with people age 3 to 80+. My job was to teach programs ranging from dental car to CPR training to training people to teach the programs I was teaching.  I work with in classrooms, with college students, with adults thinking about career transitions, and with medical professionals. Why that matters to you is it means I’ve worked with people from all manner of life (and enjoyed it).

After a move to California I transitioned to working in insurance and financial services for several years. Why that matters to you is that it means I spent my days working with people everyday listening to peoples concerns about what matters most to them and helping them find solutions to protect those interests and crafting a plan that suited their needs and budget. I also worked with people to review and understand complicated insurance issues including coverage questions, claims, and policy language.

I used all that experience working with people and breaking down complex subjects to jump in to practicing law and beyond, As a law school studentI did concentrated study on estates and trusts, competed in moot court (law school version of athletics with Supreme Court style argument of cases), taught an advocacy class, led the Black Law Student Association, and traveled as a recruiter for my law school. Why that matters to you is it means I spent my time training for what we do now-estate planning and administration, business, and litigation.

I spent the first several years of my legal career in the corporate law department of a major insurance company defending policyholders in civil litigation matters and settling claims of minors. Why that matters to you is that it meansI have experience working on hundreds of cases from beginning to end. I use that experience to keep reevaluating at every stage to see where a resolution may be possible. And if its not and litigation, including a trial, is necessary then I have that experience too. 

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